5 Crunch-Free Exercises for Sexy Abs

5crunchfreeabexercisesMany people want ripped abs with tons of definition. It is commonly believed that you need to do crunches in order to get the six pack abs that you want to have. However, crunches are not the only way to get the ripped abs that are the most wanted. As a matter of fact, crunches may not even be the best way to get the six pack abs. There are plenty of other of abs exercises that you can do in order to bring out the abs. These exercises actually work your abs to the core. You will feel the burn the muscles as you do these exercises.

1. Split Leg-Arm Raises

You start with lying down on your back with your arms and legs up. Lower left arm by your head with the right leg on the floor at the same time until they are about three inches above the floor. Return to position that you began with. The rest of your body should be on the ground all through the whole exercise. This exercise not only works your abs, but it also brings strength to your spine.

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