3 Kettle Bell Exercises Every Woman Should Be Doing

3kettlebellexercisesIf you have been to a sporting goods store and gone into the fitness equipment section, you have likely seen a curiously shaped, cannonball -like item known as a kettle bell located in the same section as the more traditional dumbbells. If you have wondered about their purpose, kettle bells are actually outstanding weight training equipment for those interested in taking their workouts seriously. The handle that is gripped on the kettle bell allows the user to swing it, increasing the heart rate during the workout, and increasing calorie burning capacity by up to 50 percent over traditional dumbbell workouts, according to fitness studies. Of all the exercises that can be done using the kettle bell, there are three that every woman should be doing on a consistent basis for maximum health and fitness benefits. Here is a description of each exercise:

1. The Swing:

This basic motion is one of the most effective and beneficial exercises that a woman can do to tone, firm, and shape the hamstring muscles in the legs and the gluteal muscles in the buttocks. The starting point of the movement is standing with feet hip width apart while holding the kettle bell directly in front of you, arms down at waist level, with a two-handed grip on the handle. Bending the knees, bring the kettle bell down to a position in between the legs, then swing the kettle bell to chin height, straightening the knees as you do so. Allowing the legs and gluteal muscles to do the work instead of the upper body, develop a swinging momentum with each repetition, and repeat the motion continually for one to two minutes.

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