5 Exercises for More Shapely Calves

5calvesCalves are some very important muscles to have. There are a lot of benefit to having strong calves. However, the real reason you probably want to exercise your caves is you want them to have a good shape to them. You probably want to be able to show off some wonderful calves so that you can be proud of them. After all, looking good usually makes you feel good. Fortunately, there are plenty of exercises for your calves that will bring out great muscle definition.

1. Jump Rope

The jump rope is one good way to strengthen your calves. As a matter of fact, many boxers, MMA fighters and other athletes use a jump rope in order to strengthen their calves and build stamina. The way most adults do it is with fast and tiny movements. Jump one inch off the ground while staying on your toes. Make sure you stabilize your landing so that your calves will keep working during the whole jump rope session. This can be done for two minutes for each set.

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