30 Days To A Jaw Dropping Butt

Today having a flat butt is out with the popularity of the Kardashian sisters, JLO, and singers like Beyonce having a large tush or a Bubble Butt is now the height of fashion and today we will talk about some exercises that can increase the size of your butt in thirty days or less.

We will simply add some exercises that you may not be doing to your daily exercise routine that focuses on developing the Gluteus Maximus.

While they may not sound, like much at first. After 30 days, you’ll see the difference as you will develop that “Double Bubble” that fills you jeans and dress so you wouldn’t have to buy push up panties or a miracle bra for your butt.

When you have finished reading and added these exercises, your tush will burn and the muscles will get larger sooner than you ever thought possible.


Let’s start off the week right and light. All we want you to do is while you are at your favorite workout spot to do a few lifts of about 10-15 reps using only your hips.

The first is the hip dead lift.
For this, you lay on your weight bench with the weight across your hips and you feet flat on the floor.

Next, you lift the weights up using only your hip muscles. Does this for 3 set of 10-15 reps each resting about 30 seconds between sets.

The Next exercise is a bit harder and is basically the same as the one above. The major difference it to form a bridge with you back to left the weight from the floor.

Again 3 sets of 10-15 reps with a rest between sets as well.

That in addition to your normal workout is all we want for today.

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